[Reminder] Weekly Closing of Settings Review June 3, 2013

Just a reminder on the settings review process and curation.

We have been posting blocks of settings each as their on ticket for review, discussion, correction and agreement.

We will closeout each block of settings tickets one week after they have been posted which should be long enough. If for any reasons, anyone feels the need for more time on any setting(s), please note that on a ticket or on the list and we will take action appropriately.

Tickets already created that will be closing out in the coming days..

Created on: 5/29/13
Closing on: 06/05/13

  1. [CCE-28300-2] idle_time_for_screen_saver
  2. [CCE-28301-0] sleep_restart_shutdown_buttons
  3. [CCE-28302-8] restart_button
  4. [CCE-28303-6] users_list_on_login
  5. [CCE-28304-4] other_users_list_on_login
  6. [CCE-28305-1] shutdown_button
  7. [CCE-28307-7] retries_until_hint
  8. [CCE-28308-5] inactivity_logout
  9. [CCE-28309-3] fast_user_switching
  10. [CCE-28306-9] sleep_button

Created on: 6/03/13
Closing on: 06/10/13

  1. [CCE-28310-1] console_login
  2. [CCE-28311-9] external_accounts
  3. [CCE-28312-7] admin_accounts
  4. [CCE-28313-5] local_user_accounts_visibility
  5. [CCE-28314-3] mobile_accounts_visibility
  6. [CCE-28315-0] network_users_visibility
  7. [CCE-28316-8] bash_init_files_owner
  8. [CCE-28317-6] bash_init_files_group
  9. [CCE-28318-4] bash_init_files_permissions
  10. [CCE-28319-2] csh_init_files_owner
  11. [CCE-28320-0] csh_init_files_group
  12. [CCE-28321-8] csh_init_files_permissions
  13. [CCE-28322-6] ftp_daemon
  14. [CCE-28323-4] rsh_daemon
  15. [CCE-28324-2] rexec_daemon
  16. [CCE-28325-9] telnet_daemon
  17. [CCE-28326-7] tftp_daemon
  18. [CCE-28327-5] http_daemon
  19. [CCE-28328-3] global_umask

Please take the time to comment/contribute on the tickets, discuss on the list or provide general feedback prior to closing date for each block of settings.